Monday, November 23, 2009

I Love My Wife!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weekend with the Waters Edge Artist

This past weekend I had the privilege of painting at a beautiful nature preserve with the WEA group. The first morning was a little dark and cold but when the sun came out it stayed for the weekend. There were about 13 artist that participated in the paintout which was a great turnout! I enjoyed the many beautiful vistas and spent alot of my time near the river. I did about 7 paintings over two days. I got frustrated with a couple and don't want to show them to anyone. I also gave two paintings to Roli the caretaker of the property who went out of his way to make the artists feel at home.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No More Sailing
Oil on board

I started painting this piece yesterday by the marina. I love the way the sun casts long shadows over the parking lot. It almost seems like the boats are waiting for something. When I started to paint, I realized that the something was spring. I can't wait to continue on with this piece soon.

oil on panel

My family and I like going to breakfast at a restaurant that is south of our town about 20 miles. Instead of taking the interstate I took the back roads last time and found this barn. I came back the next day to do a painting of it. I love the character of this place and will return with the easel soon.
Dan The Man
oil on board
I wanted to post this study that I did with the figure painting Co-op I belong to at our local museum. I had a fun time painting this gentleman and he was the perfect model.
Winter Is On It's Way
oil on panel
I like to work late at night in the studio sometimes and study a subject without any distractions. My wife and son put together the little flower arrangement trying to get a little enjoyment out of the seasons last offerings. I did this fast and loose. I viewed it as a study and tweaked it a little. I use a very limited palette so that I am forced to mix all color combination's for myself. I feel that this is not only helping me grow as a painter but also pushes the creativity and gives the painting an emotional backdrop. I am working on two other still lifes that I will post soon.